Brake Servicing & Repair

Your life literally depends on your braking system.

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Vented Brake Disc and Caliper

Vented Brake Disc and Caliper

Our highly qualified vehicle technicians (also commonly known as mechanics) can help restore your vehicles braking system to its original condition. From simply changing brake pads as part of a regular brake service to caliper repair or remanufacture to fix an underlying braking issue; Auto Solution are the perfect Southampton garage to look after your brakes.

Your life literally depends on your braking system. Ensuring your vehicle is maintained to your manufacturers recommended specification is crucial. When was the last time your brake fluid was changed? Do you have even wear on each sides brake disc or is one side wearing or grooving more than the other?

Moisture and water can build up within your brake fluid affecting performance, especially under very heavy braking. Uneven wear of brake discs can imply brake imbalance, this in turn can cause your vehicle to become unstable under braking – again exacerbated under emergency braking situations!